Come Square and Round Dance every 2nd and 4th Saturday afternoon of the month, 12:45-4:00, at the American Legion Hall, 235 W 10th, corner of 10th & H, Salida, Colo.

Feb. 25 Mardi Gras

HAL BARNES is calling our MARDI GRAS DANCE February 25, so break out your PURPLE, GREEN, AND GOLD, and come play with Hal and the Mavericks! Dance format for February and March:

12:45-1:15 ALL PLUS

1:15-1:30, ROUNDS

1:30-4:00, SSD with Rounds Between Tips

Dancing at the Legion Hut, 10th & H in Salida. Real wood floor, lots of charm.



Before our regular dance on Jan. 28, the Mavericks will have an all club meeting from 12:30-1:15. This is during our usual Pre-rounds time slot, so there will be no pre-rounds. Guests are invited to join us after 1:15 for our 1:30-4:00 dance with HAL BARNES CALLING. THE THEME IS BLACK AND WHITE WINTER, so break out your pretties and come play. There will be rounds between tips. Dance venue: Legion Hut, 235 W. 10th, Salida, CO.


December 10th already???  Goodness, how time is flying!!!  Time for our Glitter and Bling Christmas Dance with Bob Riggs, as well as the class graduation dance.  We aren’t quite finished with classes but this is the last dance of 2022, so we’re welcoming them to the club with jingle bells on!  Come join us for Christmas cake and cheer for the new dancers.Allynn can’t be here to do rounds, so Bob and Andrith will share the mic for those.  As usual, pre-rounds are 12:45-1:15, Class level tips 1:30-2:00, easy dancing and announced Plus till 4:00.  Rounds between tips. See you Saturday at the Legion Hut, 235 W. 10th, in Salida. 
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Come dance with HAL BARNES and the Mavericks the Saturday after Thanksgiving! Escape the TV, get out of the house, kick up your heels and your waistline will thank you!!! SSD and Plus, rounds between tips. 1:30-4:00. Pre-Rounds, Andrith Davis cueing, 12:45-1:15. Legion Hut, 235 W. 10th, Salida, CO.

Bear’s Halloween 10/29/22

NOTE THE DIFFERENT DATE FOR OUR DANCE–NOT THE 22ND! BEAR MILLER is coming to town to call a Halloween dance for us. Break out the costumes for the “Best Costume” competition! Also a surprise cuer will be doing rounds! TRICK OR TREAT! Come play with the Mavericks, 12:45-1:15 pre-rounds, 1:30-4:00 squares, Legion Hut, 235 W. 10th, Salida.


The Maverick’s own Michael Turley is calling our October 8 dance, Cowboy theme. So break out your gear and come play. Pre-Rounds cued by Andrith Davis, 12:45-1:15, SSD and announced Plus 1:30-4:00. The Legion Hut has a wonderful wood floor, so friendly to dancers! 235 W. 10th, corner of 10th & H, Salida, CO.


FREE OPEN HOUSE DANCE, Sept 10 at the Legion Hut, 10th & H in Salida, 1:30-4:00 in the afternoon. No partner needed, just comfortable shoes! Come join the fun! It’s a KICK!



Starting Tuesday, Sept. 13

         Where:  Legion Hut, 10th & H, Salida

         When:  *Tuesdays for 6 weeks, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

         How:  Carpools available from various areas

         Cost: $30 per person for 6 week session

         Partner:  No partner needed

         Clothes:  No special clothing, jeans are fine

         Make-Up sessions:  Scheduled as needed

         Contact to reserve your place as space is limited

Questions?  Call or text Andrith 719-480-2809


See Monarch Mavericks Square Dance Club and

Square Dancing in Salida, Colorado

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6-Week Mini Session followed by optional next level

6-Week Social Square Dance session

*Day of week may change subject to needs of class


MIKE OLIVIERI is calling our JULY 23 Happy Campers dance (all together now…Kumbaya). Casual summer dress is the order of the day, so join us for summer fun on the dance floor. Pre-Rounds 12:45-1:15, SSD and Plus 1:30-4:00 on a gorgeous wood floor! Legion Hut, 235 W. 10th, Salida, CO.


HAL BARNES IS CALLING HIS FAMOUS DOO DAH DANCE, July 9. What is a doo dah dance, you might ask. Bring your favorite doo dah, thingamajig, or whatchacallit to share with the dancers. This could be your great grandpa’s draft notice, your old stuffed toy from babyhood, your Girl Scout badge sash, or whatever you want to bring. (You don’t have to dance with it.) HAL WILL HAVE A DOO DAH CALL AS WELL, LOL! Come to our afternoon dance at the Legion Hut, 235 W. 10th in Salida, Saturday from 12:45-4:00. Pre-rounds 12:45-1:15, Andrith cueing, SSD and announced Plus 1:30-4:00. Come out and Kick It Up with Hal and the Monarch Mavericks